Yamaha Jupiter MX LC 2007

Saya mempunyai sebuah motor bebek sport Yamaha T135. Kalau disini disebut Yamaha Jupiter MX LC . Walaupun motor ini ber”jubah”kan bebek, tapi ia mengusung karakteristik mesin motor sport, yaitu memakai silinder tegak, & memiliki 4 klep. 😉

Mulai dari artikel ini, saya akan membagi beberapa kumpulan tip & trik bagaimana cara untuk meningkatkan performa si Jupie MX ini. Semoga bermanfaat 🙂

TIP bagi yang sudah upgrade pakai blok mesin V-Ixion :
1. Ganti Noken As (stock vixion cam / my super cam) kemudian setel pilot jet ke #22,5 dan Main Jet #105/110
2. Ganti Karburator MIKUNI TM24, TM28, KEIHIN PE 28, atau PWK 28
3. Ganti CDI & Coil
4. Ganti juga per klepnya (merek TK atau merek lainnya yang lebih bagus)


1. Dont install the lower cyl gasket, use threebond sealer instead, then check ur valve clearance, is the piston still within safe clearance from valve at Top Dead Center (TDC) position and not collide with valve by rotating the crankshaft counter clockwise 4 times (to the top position marked at the cam sprocket)
2. Take off the decompression assy on cam sprocket.
3. See that engine breather rubber pipe from water pump that connects to air box? Unplug it from air box, then close the end of the rubber pipe with an aftermarket air filter (small sizes usually priced about USD 3.75-7.5 per pcs) and tie it using cable tie to secure position, and close the hole on the air box using plastics or whatever u can use, theory based on 4 Stroke Performance Tuning book by A.Graham Bell, the saturated air on ur filter box from the engine blow by robs a little bit of hp, the reason they connect it to air filter box is because manufacturer must comply to government enviromental rule.
Race bikes use an oil catch tank to solve this engine blow by thing.
4. DONT over fill the oil, it will torture ur engine, optimum is at medium level (for Auto Clutch) and 95% position (for Hand/Manual Clutch).
5. Valve clearance (for stock T135 cam)
Performance Setting 0.10 (IN) – 0.13 (OUT)
Fuel efficient setting 0.12 (IN) – 0.15 (OUT)

For Vixion cam
Performance setting 0.10 IN – 0.18 OUT
Stock setting 0.10 IN – 0.20 OUT

6. Take off the choke butterfly if u rarely use it, helps a bit at high rpm.
7. Change the stock air filter to K&N, or use yellow foam side from old VEGA air filter element and modify it according to the size of stock air filter assy.

More to come… anyone wants to add ?