As you all know valve clearance settings is different from person to person.

a 0.10mm intake and 0.15mm exhaust will have different actual valve clearance setting if set by another person.

its because, there is no standard “feel”
how hard the slide, how soft it will slide,etc..
Thats why its called “feeler gauge” because you are using your feel to measure the tightness.

So from experience,
heres my simple tips to have a successful valve clearance setting on your own.

Tip #1
If your target clearance is 0.10 and 0.15
Then use a bigger gauge like 0.13 and 0.18 when setting.

make sure to make the feel “tight” i mean tight on the 0.13 and 0.18
as tight as possible where you can move the gauge back and forth.
as tight as if you are pulling a piece of Legal Size Paper under an encyclopedia book.

Why use 0.13 and 0.18 where infact your target clearance is only 0.10 and 0.15 ?

because the tight setting you made in the 0.13 and 0.18 gauge
will have an exact clearance or feel in 0.10 and 0.15 gauge.
it will slide smoothly with the feel resistance

Our T135 cylinder head area has very small area for us to work on valve setting.
Its much easier to set the valve clearance in T135 head if you use individual feeler gauge.
meaning you remove the specific gauge size from the whole feeler gauge assembly.