Saya mau bagi2 tip lagi nih, supaya si Jupie MX semakin bertenaga.

adjust your air/fuel mixture (this is the Pilot air screw, see chapter 3:11 of service manual)
by adjusting it to the optimum settings mentioned below, your t135 will be more powerful and better acceleration.
Give it a try, and you will see the difference 🙂

in the Service Manual,
Factory setting: Pilot air screw = 1-5/8 turns out

optimum setting: Pilot air screw = 2-1/4 turns out

settings will be between 2 turns upto 2-1/2 turns depending on your elevation
(meaning if you live in the mountains or in the sea level area)
if in the mountain, high elevation then you can try 2-1/2 turns.
if in the sea level, from 2 upto 2-1/4 turns.

but in my bike 2-1/4 is good.

How to do it: ( to know where is the Pilot Air screw, see chapter 3:11 of the T135 service manual)
– warm up your engine
– after warm up, turn off
– turn the PILOT AIR SCREW clockwise to until its fully close (this is called IN, because the screw is going IN)
– now mark the point where it was fully closed (that will be your mark to know if you 360 degrees or 1 turn)
– now adjust it to 2 and 1/4 turns counter clockwise (this is called out because you are making the screw going OUT)

Thats it!

its time for you to ride your bike in a highway and try it.
by the way, after i adjust my bike to optimum settings


see the pictures attached or check this site
your spark plug color must be rusty brown.
see Spark Plug Color Chart

My bike has lesser vibration( i mean almost no vibration especially at high speeds)
and now sounds like a Yamaha R1 🙂

-you can also adjust the idle of your bike by turning the IDLE screw (throttle stop screw)
-1 turn means 360 degrees
– To know where is the Pilot Air screw, see chapter 3:11 of the T135 service manual.

– Although this setting works in my bike, DONT BLAME ME FOR WHATEVER HAPPENS TO YOUR BIKE.
-This is just a tip and guide (which works to me) it is up to you if you follow.
– it is your bike and as a bike owner we should learn how to do basic tuning of our bike.

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